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Introducing the BetterCloud Monitor

David Politis

April 13, 2016

3 minute read

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Dear Readers,

When we started BetterCloud four years ago, it was clear there was a big opportunity to create IT management and security tools for organizations using SaaS applications. What we didn’t realize then was how eager IT professionals and their users were for high-quality information about cloud trends and SaaS applications.

In the beginning days of BetterCloud, we put up a company blog, like many young companies do. The response from our readers and the market clearly told us they wanted more. So we created a new site, The Gooru, which focused on providing educational Google Apps tutorials through video. We started producing tutorial videos, sending them out via a newsletter–first monthly, then weekly, and finally, daily.

It was a hit.

The GooruSince its launch, The Gooru has hosted several virtual events with attendance totaling more than 25,000. Googlers have even used the site to educate customers and themselves on the ins and outs of Google Apps. Last month, The Gooru was featured on the Apps Show presented by Google.

To even the scales, we launched 365 Ninja for Office 365 users in February of 2015. 365NinjaLIVE, the site’s virtual event, featured speakers from Microsoft and had more than 1,000 people attend just months after its launch. Last year, Rachel Wilson, our content manager behind 365 Ninja, earned the Microsoft MVP Award. We even created an 365 Ninjaembedded application for Outlook that provides educational resources to Office 365 users.

Through our Trends in Cloud IT research on the BetterCloud Blog, we’ve been cited by more than 20 media publications including reputable sources like The Wall Street Journal,, Fortune, and Business Insider. I’ve even seen our research cited in investor decks and sales presentations.

Together, The Gooru, 365 Ninja, and the BetterCloud Blog serve an audience of more than 100,000 daily newsletter subscribers. These sites have each excelled beyond expectations, and now, it’s time we further our investment towards providing quality resources for our readers.

Today, I’m excited to announce the fusion of our three media properties into a single, authoritative destination for cloud IT: the BetterCloud Monitor. In total, we’ve migrated more than a thousand articles and hundreds of videos to bring all our resources under one easy-to-find roof.

We now have a dedicated team of writers, SaaS application experts, and leading IT professionals working together on this new world-class media property. The best way to receive our research, resources, articles, and videos is to sign up for our daily newsletter, which you can customize to your liking by filling out your subscription preferences.

Our Statement of Purpose

Our aim at the BetterCloud Monitor is to shine a spotlight on the role of IT and their users’ needs to make the shift to the cloud smoother and more successful. At the BetterCloud Monitor, we’re setting out to:

  • Empower. By routinely uncovering new data and trends in the IT industry, we’ll equip you with valuable, actionable insights that empower you to make a real difference in your organization.
  • Celebrate. We’re focusing on you—the hidden heroes of everyday technology—and highlighting the amazing and creative solutions you craft for your organizations.
  • Educate. The articles here are all designed to teach you something new. Walk away feeling capable, in the know, and better equipped to do your job.
  • Delight and surprise. Our content will always be intriguing, insightful, and best of all, personalized for YOUR interests.

We are immensely grateful to have a readership who shares our passion and interest in technology. We’re excited to be a part of this revolution with you.

If you have any topics you’d like to see us cover or if you would like to contribute, please reach out to me or the monitor team at

Thank you,

David Politis

Watch the video below to take a virtual tour of the BetterCloud Monitor.