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The All New BetterCloud Help Center

BetterCloud Monitor

July 25, 2013

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Last year’s launch of FlashPanel coincided with the launch of our support site, which over the course of the year expanded to include over 200 how-to articles, a robust community forum and a feature request portal. The support site also functioned as the primary point of contact between our customers and support team.

Now, just as FlashPanel has evolved and matured into a truly enterprise-ready product, we’re relaunching the support site as the BetterCloud Help Center, to provide an even better experience for our growing customer base.

I sat down with Michael Stone, who heads up customer support efforts at BetterCloud, to learn more about the redesign.

Gail: Why was redesigning the support site so important?

Mike: The support site, now the BetterCloud Help Center, is really the first point of contact between the support team and our customers. It was important that we make the site as easy to navigate and as accessible as possible. Building the site on Zendesk’s platform has allowed us to do so.

While the old site had all the right content, we felt that organizing the content differently would provide our customers with a better experience. We’ve really put search front and center. We’re also working on adding more detail to many of the support articles and have added a new left hand navigation on longer articles to help readers navigate more quickly. Plus, in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding videos to nearly every single article to make the site even more valuable.

Examining analytics was also a key factor in determining steps for the redesign. Using Zendesk analytics, we’re able to view keywords most frequently searched and based on these keywords, change titles of knowledge base articles to make sure customers are finding the correct information quickly. Zendesk analytics also allow us to view customer searches that did not return any results. We can then go create a support article around that search term where it’s applicable. We’ve also found that traffic to the site is at its highest between 11 AM ET and 3 PM ET and therefore know to have all agents available to respond to requests during this period.

Another feature we’d been wanting to add for a while was on-site live chat. Now, with the help of Olark, visitors to the site can actually have a live conversation with someone from our support team. While we’d been wanting to add live chat for a while, we now have the team to properly man the chat during business hours.

Gail: How did you build the new Help Center?

Mike: As with the first support site, the Help Center is built on Zendesk’s platform. But recent updates by Zendesk have made customizing the site much easier. Zendesk now gives us more access to edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Users will notice that the new look and feel aligns more closely with our other websites.

Updates from Zendesk also give our team the ability to highlight and promote forum posts so we’re able to push the best answers in the community forums front and center. This is the best example of how our users can support each other.

Gail: What do you hope customers will take away from the new Help Center?

Mike: Our primary goal is to provide the best information and support possible in all areas. Whether that’s making sure our knowledge base articles are very detailed, that we’re ready to help with on-site chat or can provide faster ticket resolution times. We’re always aiming to improve the overall experience and are always open to feedback, so if any of our users have a suggestion for the new site, I encourage them to email me at

You can check out our new Help Center at

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BetterCloud Help Center