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Finding Success with Google Apps

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September 13, 2012

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Genesis Career College and FlashPanel

Genesis Career Collge

In 2010, Genesis Career College became one of the only career institutes to provide official school email accounts for all students. This was made possible through Google Apps for Education. Now Genesis, with the help of Robert Warren, the school’s Director of Technology, uses Google Apps to provide messaging and collaboration capabilities to more than 2,000 students, faculty and staff.

Though there are endless benefits to going Google, using the suite at an educational institution poses a unique challenge – deprovisioning users quickly and efficiently. Unlike a corporate environment, where employee turnover is fairly steady and slow, at a school, hundreds or thousands of students will need to be deprovisioned in the same time period (think graduation).

To make the user deprovisioning process easier, Mr. Warren installed FlashPanel and immediately saw the value of the tool’s step by step deprovisioning workflow. Now Robert and his team can quickly, securely and thoroughly close student accounts without missing a beat.

For more on how Genesis Career College and Robert Warren use FlashPanel for their Google Apps domain, check out the case study.