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App Awareness Month – GQueues

BetterCloud Monitor

April 6, 2012

3 minute read

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This post is part of App Awareness, our month-long series where we spotlight a different Google Apps Marketplace application every day in April. This week, we’re focusing on applications specifically geared to end-users and those that help streamline sales processes. The applications we chose to highlight demonstrate excellent integration with Google Apps, and we either use and love the product or know a lot of other people who do. Have a favorite Marketplace app of your own? Tweet it to @bettercloud.

GQueues – Lists. Prioritized. Simple.

GQueuesGQueues is a straightforward task management application built exclusively to integrate with Google Apps. The product is as simple and easy to use as Google Apps’ native ‘Tasks’ function, but the GQueues UI is presented in a larger, easier to manage and more intuitive format.

As with Google Tasks, GQueues allows you to create tasks and subtasks and separate them into different lists by topic. For example, you can have a Conference Task list, a Website Task list and so on.

Integration with Google Apps

The real value of GQueues comes with the app’s awesome collaboration features. These features offer a big improvement over Google Tasks by allowing you to share tasks lists and work together with partners to get things done faster. Through its Google Contacts integration, GQueues lets you share out any task with your collaborator of choice (via Contacts or an email address). This added feature along with other paid features like Google Calendar integration, mobile capabilities and task assignment are available for only $25 per user per year.

GQueues also allows you to create recurring tasks and then integrate these tasks with your main Google Calendar, something you cannot do with regular Google Tasks. This very useful feature makes GQueues a complete task management tool, helping users to avoid double schedulings in Google Calendar. The ability to place multiple tags on any given task is very useful as well, since tags allow you to view all tasks with a common keyword or ‘tag.’ For example, if you wanted to view all pending contracts across your organization (and thus across multiple lists) all you need to do is create a “Smart Queue” for ongoing task management, or simply click the tag (presumably called ‘Pending Contracts’) in the tag panel if its a one time thing.

Aside from integration specifically with Google Apps, GQueues has also built a Chrome extension for quick task additions as well as a Calendar widget, iGoogle plugin, and mobile access that works while offline.

Why We Like It

Aside from the incredibly simple and easy-to-use interface, we love GQueues because the installation process is as easy to follow as the product itself. To register for the free version of GQueues you simply need to log in to the application using your Google Apps account – no lengthy forms or confirmation emails. We also appreciate the affordability of the product, its deep Calendar integration and most of all the collaborative features.

To install the free and paid versions of GQueues, visit the Google Apps Marketplace listing.

Stay tuned for more of our favorite Apps in the Google Apps Marketplace!

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About App Awareness Month

App Awareness Month At BetterCloud, we’ve seen first hand the impact Google Apps can have on a business: extreme cost cutting, streamlined management processes, enhanced collaboration and mobility and much more.

During our time as an independent software provider focused 100% on the Google Apps platform, we’ve interacted with thousands of organizations using Google Apps and we’ve discovered one common trend: knowledge and awareness of third-party applications that extend and enhance Google Apps is extremely limited.

This April, we’re devoting the BetterCloud blog to educating Google Apps users on the wide array of applications available for Google Apps today. These Google Apps extensions not only enhance native Google Apps functionalities, but bring a diverse range of services from CRM, to expense management, process and systems management and more to your Google Apps environment. More importantly, adding these applications to Google Apps allows you to retire expensive legacy software licenses and creates a more cohesive organization.