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Introducing App Awareness Month

BetterCloud Monitor

April 2, 2012

2 minute read

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App Awareness Month

After years spent working in the Google Apps ecosystem, we decided to start a company focused solely on product development for the platform; nearly six months ago BetterCloud was launched. You could say our scope is quite narrow, but focusing exclusively on Google Apps was a no brainer. We’ve seen first hand the impact Google Apps can have on a business: extreme cost cutting, streamlined management processes, enhanced collaboration and mobility and much more, and we’re more confident than ever in our decision to go all in with Google Apps.

Over the past few months, we’ve interacted with thousands of organizations using Google Apps and we’ve discovered one common trend: knowledge and awareness of third-party applications for Google Apps is extremely limited. In order to change this trend, we launched The Cloud Alliance for Google Apps to give third-party applications the attention they deserve. Taking it one step further, we’re declaring April ‘App Awareness Month!’

What is App Awareness Month?

Over the next thirty days, we aim to educate Google Apps users on the wide array of Google Apps extensions available for Google Apps today. These products not only enhance native Google Apps functionalities, but bring a diverse range of services from CRM, to expense management, process and systems management and more to your Google Apps environment. More importantly, adding these applications to Google Apps allows you to retire expensive legacy software licenses and creates a more cohesive organization.

What to Expect

  • We’ll post a different Marketplace application each and every day
  • We’ll give you tips for how to install and use these applications
  • We’ll be asking for your favorite apps along the way

Schedule of posts

  • Week 1: Sales and End-User Tools
  • Week 2: Collaboration and Document Management Tools
  • Week 3: Accounting and Financial Applications
  • Week 4: Admin Tools

By the end of the month, we’re sure you’ll not only have a better understanding of the Google Apps Marketplace, but you’ll have discovered and installed some great applications that will make you and your organization more productive, more efficient and even more in love with Google Apps!

If you believe in Google Apps like we do, please share our mission and then share your favorite Marketplace app with us via twitter @bettercloud.

Disclaimer: The companies appearing in this month-long series have not been contacted nor consulted regarding their inclusion. Our choices are based solely on reader suggestions and our experiences with the applications.