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BetterCloud Announces Availability of Advanced Zoom Integration


November 18, 2021

4 minute read

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On Day 2 of Altitude 2021, our Chief Product Officer Jim Brennan promised continued product innovation to support our customers’ growing businesses. In an effort to deliver on that promise, we are thrilled to announce our advanced integration with Zoom. 

At the peak of the pandemic, Zoom was one of the fastest growing apps on the planet, with meeting participants increasing by 2900%. Not surprisingly, Zoom has become the 3rd most popular integration among BetterCloud’s customers. These are two of many factors that led us to believe it was critical to invest additional time and resources to deliver a richer Zoom integration to the platform. 

Now that our full integration with Zoom is live, BetterCloud customers gain additional visibility over their Zoom users to ensure the right licensing is deployed. IT can also leverage a whopping 26 admin-task actions in existing BetterCloud workflows and optimize SaaS spend by automatically reclaiming licenses when users haven’t logged in within a specified time. As we’ve seen in recent months, these capabilities are essential to any IT organization looking to embrace a zero-touch, automation-first strategy.

Let’s take a closer look at what this means for our customers and how you can make the most of this advanced integration that is now generally available. 

A shared vision of enhancing the user experience and increasing IT efficiency 

BetterCloud and Zoom share mutual goals in this new technology integration and partnership: Enhancing user experience and security while also increasing IT efficiency. To accomplish these goals, we’ve given customers the option of installing BetterCloud directly from Zoom’s marketplace.

Below are the top use cases that can be accomplished with the release of our advanced integration capabilities for Zoom.

Top use cases with the Zoom integration  

#1: Properly allocate Zoom licenses with increased visibility in BetterCloud

With BetterCloud’s Zoom integration, IT gets the visibility it needs via our User Grid and User 360 views. Administrators can easily see last login activity by department, title, status and several other points of additional context to help ensure employees have the right licenses. 

#2: Get zero-touch IT with automated Zoom lifecycle management for users

Here is a full list of 26 actions that BetterCloud customers can include in their workflows:

Add User AssistantAssign Member to RoleCreate MeetingDeactivate UserRemove Member From RoleUnassign All Calling PlansUpdate User Password
Add Meeting RegistrantAssign Calling PlanCreate UserDelete All User AssistantsRemove User from GroupUnassign All Phone NumbersUpdate User Profile
Add User to GroupAssign Phone NumberCreate User GroupDelete All User MeetingsRemove User from Zoom PhoneUnassign Calling PlanUpdate User Type
Add user to Zoom PhoneChange User StatusDelete UserRevoke User SSO TokenUnassign Phone Number

Companies like Gainsight have been leveraging our new Zoom integration to streamline user lifecycle management (ULM) and take more proactive measures to ensure that employees have the appropriate permissions and licenses.

Using the actions available in our Zoom integration, IT can automatically add new employees to specific Zoom groups and licenses through an onboarding workflow.

#3: Streamline offboarding including Zoom assets 

BetterCloud’s integration with Zoom enables IT to automatically revoke user access during an offboarding workflow. The Delete User action also allows IT to transfer meetings and recordings to an employee’s former manager in a more secure and efficient fashion. 

#4: Optimize SaaS spend

Last but not least, IT can create an alert that notifies the organization whenever a license hasn’t been used for a specified time period. As you can see in the screenshot above, the workflow we’ve built automatically deletes accounts that have been inactive for 60 days. IT can also create reports that paint a clearer picture of all users who haven’t logged in within the previous 30 to 90 days, which makes it much easier to proactively reclaim unused licenses. 

These are just a few examples of how BetterCloud customers can take advantage of this advanced integration with Zoom. If you’re currently a customer, here are some simple steps to help you upgrade to the newest version of the integration. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how BetterCloud can help you discover, manage, and secure your SaaS environment, request a demo.