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Alert Settings, Thresholds, and More Customizations Added to Domain Health & Insight Center®


November 11, 2014

2 minute read

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When we released Domain Health & Insight Center® in August, we had many enhancements in mind and intended for it to be a multi-phase project. Now, we’re bringing you the first of those updates–an Alert Settings center, offering even more granularity and customizations.

Alert Settings

The dashboard displays over 30 alerts, across 6 major areas–Directory, Drive, Gmail, Google+, Apps, and Sites/Calendars. Alerts range from critical security risks to helpful usage stats and information, like “x% of docs are shared publicly. The average is y%” or “you have x seats available.”

And now, you have the ability to further configure those alerts with the new Alert Settings center. Click the gear icon in the top right of the Domain Health & Insight Center®, where you’ll be brought to the new Alert Settings page. You can also navigate there from the settings menu in the top right of the app.

Click the gear icon in the top right of the Domain Health section to view the Alert Settings page

Set Alert Thresholds

In the case of alerts, one size doesn’t fit all. Maybe you only want to be notified when there are 15 or more groups on your domain with no members, or over 30% of calendars are shared publicly. Determine what value triggers an alert and only receive a notification when a particular alert becomes critical.

Set alert thresholds to the right of certain alerts

Unsnooze Alerts

From the Domain Health & Insight Center®, you can snooze each alert to hide it for 3 months. If an alert was snoozed by accident or lacked relevance before you could adjust the threshold, now you can review those alerts and unsnooze them to reappear on the homepage.

Unsnooze alerts previously hidden from Domain Health & Insight Center® dashboard

Disable Alerts

Additionally, now you’re able to toggle alerts on or off. With the exception of policy violations, if a particular alert doesn’t make sense for your domain–say, if you haven’t enabled Google Sites–you can turn off the related alerts and free up space on your dashboard for the stats that really matter to your organization.


Currently, Alert Settings are only available to Enterprise customers, but along with all future enhancements to Domain Health & Insight Center®, will also be rolled out to Basic customers. We’re planning on adding more and more alerts over time, so BetterCloud’s dashboard will continue to offer sophisticated metrics providing a holistic view of your Google Apps environment.

Login to BetterCloud to customize your Alert Settings.