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How to Get 10x Your Operational Efficiency with IT Automation


December 13, 2022

2 minute read


This post is an excerpt from our guide: “10x Your IT Operational Efficiency: A CIO’s Guide to IT Automation.” 

Lately, it seems like the only constant for IT is change. From the pandemic, to labor market shifts, to inflation and fears of a recession, the last few years have been a wild ride for everyone. A recent Gartner survey shows that despite the current economic turmoil, 69% of CEOs are still planning to increase spending on digital technologies. However, this comes with high expectations for IT. CIOs are being asked to accelerate time to value on these new investments, which include SaaS and other cloud-based services. 

While spending may be projected to increase, no one is immune from the ongoing mandate of operational efficiency. While IT has long been pushed to be as lean and cost-efficient as possible, other departments and processes are now being asked to improve operational efficiency as well. 

IT is still primarily responsible for a SaaS tech stack that just keeps getting larger, but they are now also increasingly responsible for business-critical digital transformation initiatives. This places a big burden on IT teams, who almost never get headcount even as expectations increase.

IT leaders must find a way to keep up ongoing, day-to-day IT tasks and tickets while implementing new tools and solutions that drive greater business value. 

This is why strategies and tools that improve operational efficiency have become more important than ever. A SaaS management platform like BetterCloud gives your team multiple ways to save time with quick insights, intelligent alerting, and easy-to-build automated workflows. With 70+ out of the box integrations and 1,000+ actions to automate, you can keep building more efficiency over time. 

In our latest guide, we discuss the four key ways to drive your IT operational efficiency that don’t take months to implement. We’ll take you through the biggest time-savers, so you can focus on the strategic, business-critical technology projects that boost productivity and improve bottom lines. 

Download the guide to learn how to:

  1. Gain real-time visibility and control with centralized management
  2. Automate user lifecycle management for the biggest, fastest time savings
  3. Automate SaaS security to create a self-healing environment
  4. Create self-service forms to reduce the number of incoming tickets
  5. Metrics for measuring operational efficiency