Creating new user accounts is one of the most time-consuming tasks for an admin, and often key steps are skipped to save time. Equipping a new hire with access to groups and services will ensure that he or she can get up and running immediately. To simplify the process, use BetterCloud's provisioning workflow that gathers all of the necessary steps.

  • Create a new user account and generate a password
  • Mirror another user in a similar role and auto-fill shared contact information
  • Add the new user to appropriate Org. Unit and groups
  • Apply an email signature and send a welcome email


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create more than one new user account at once?

Navigate to Directory > Users > Create Users > Bulk. Then, just follow the steps to fill in the provided spreadsheet template with users’ account information and upload the completed spreadsheet back into BetterCloud.

What naming convention should I use for new user accounts?

By entering a new user’s first and last name, BetterCloud will auto-create an email address as first.last@domain.com. You may change the email address format to anything you’d like, but first.last ensures that as your organization grows users with the same first name will not vie for the same email address.

Can I use a template if I am creating a new user with similar settings to an existing user?

Yes. To use a template when creating a new user, first navigate to Directory > Users > Create users > Guided. Enter the user's basic information and continue to the next step. Then, select the “Time Saver” option and search for the user whose settings you wish to apply to the new user. Use this profile as a template and continue through the workflow.

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The wizard is very easy to go through and makes the entire process simpler.

Giordana Rock | Innovation Team Leader @ Proactive Accountants Network | Read the case study