Org. Units are crucial to organizing users, and more importantly they provide the only means of enabling or disabling Google services for certain users. Create Org. Units by department, location, or access level to Google Apps--and do so easily (and in bulk) by creating and adding users to Org. Units within BetterCloud.

  • Create Org. Units and child Org. Units
  • Add and remove users
  • Modify memberships individually or in bulk using a spreadsheet


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Org. Units?

Org. Units are often underutilized, yet provide a very valuable way to organize users and the only way to enable or disable Google services for selected users.

How should I configure Org. Units in Google Apps?

There are a few options for configuring Org. Units. The most common are setting them up by department or job function, in order to turn on or off parts of the Google Apps suite for certain teams, by location, in order to organize a franchised or global workforce, or by Google Apps access level, in order to gradually deploy new Google services or test applications.

What’s the difference between a group and an Org. Unit?

Org. Units differ from groups in the sense that a user can only belong to one Org. Unit but can belong to multiple groups.

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Google Apps for Business has been an integral part of our business, but managing certain aspects of settings in bulk is either difficult or just not possible. BetterCloud has made these tasks a breeze and truly is the toolset that Google should have included itself.

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