G Suite

Enterprise-Grade Management

Manage users, groups, OUs, calendars, sites, and third-party applications and create automated policies.

Automated Policies

Configure advanced alerts and automated policies to resolve security threats and meet compliance standards.

Data Loss Prevention

Restrict data loss and exposure through granular policies that correct sharing in near real-time.

Custom Privileges

Follow a least privilege model for G Suite by creating granular roles across your organization’s objects, data types, and management tools.

Visibility Into Your G Suite Environment

View and manage all of your G Suite users, admins, groups, OUs, Drive data, calendars, sites, and third-party applications from a centralized org-wide dashboard. Improve efficiency by taking single or bulk actions in BetterCloud, such as adding users to groups, transferring calendars and documents, and deleting two-step backup codes.

Enterprise Features for Data Loss Prevention

Search Google Drive for personal information like social security numbers, payment information, and any custom regular expression in order to stay in compliance. For any documents that are not properly secured, BetterCloud enables you to take immediate action, including transferring document ownership, changing all editors to viewers, and removing all collaborators.

Secure Third-Party Applications on Your Domain

Identify third-party applications that have authenticated access to your domain, govern usage, and ensure compliance with automated policies. BetterCloud gives each application a permission score based on the application’s ability to access your data and allows IT to whitelist or blacklist applications by user, group, or OU.

Save Money with Automated Onboarding and Offboarding

Custom automated policies for onboarding and offboarding users save time and ensure compliance. BetterCloud’s policies offer enterprise-level customization and management of Google accounts with features to delete email aliases, transfer or delete calendar events, set calendar timezone and Gmail language, and share Drive files and Team Drives. Additionally, by automating the offboarding process, IT can free up unused licenses immediately, ultimately saving your organization thousands in licensing costs.

Manage Email Settings

Establish policies to ensure your users’ Gmail accounts are configured properly and consistently. BetterCloud’s Gmail settings include functionality for management of email forwarding, Gmail filters, custom signatures, password policies, web clip enablement, and more.

Streamlined Policy Administration

Improve security for your domain by creating automated alerts and enforcing policies, such as email forwarding, file sharing permissions, administrator management, and more. Policies are acted on in real-time and a log of the actions taken is available for compliance audits.

Ensure Least Privilege Model for Admins

Role-Based Privileges gives IT the power to control who can manage what within G Suite. Grant granular access rights to specific objects, data types – including files, sites, and calendars – and management tools within BetterCloud. All admin activity can be monitored through BetterCloud’s Audit Logs.

Unlock Value with Multiple Applications

Managing SaaS applications through multiple admin consoles and custom scripts ultimately leads to silos, broken processes, and security threats. Our customers report improved security, transparency, and efficiency when they centralize the management of additional applications with BetterCloud. Each additional application results in unparalleled cross-application insights, enhanced context, and greater productivity through comprehensive automation workflows.

Get Support Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Whether you need support for a specific feature or want guidance creating a workflow, help is only a click away. BetterCloud provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow, including live chat, email and phone support, an in-app help center, and a community of 1200+ IT professionals to share BetterCloud best practices and tips.

“BetterCloud takes the tools given in the G Suite Admin console and makes them better.”

JUSTINE BIENKOWSKI | IT Team Lead at Buzzfeed


Automated email forwarding and third-party application policies

Automated onboarding and offboarding policies

Automated Data Loss Prevention policy enforcement engine

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