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Superfly increases productivity by 85% and improves security with BetterCloud

Superfly is focused on creating unique experiences that activate and amplify communities around common passions and unforgettable moments. To bring their mission to life, Superfly has four divisions: A brand agency, an immersive experience group, live music brand experience and a new ventures team. Although these teams sit within the Superfly umbrella, the four divisions have differing SaaS applications and unique technical build outs.


As Superfly’s technology needs increased, Jesus Ward joined as its director of information technology. Upon joining the organization, Ward identified an opportunity to increase IT efficiency and create automated workflows to streamline processes across the entire department. 

“Automation is key,” Ward explains. “It really saves a massive amount of time on the IT side when onboarding and offboarding employee accounts, and it helps ensure proper security.”

Ward knew that a SaaS management platform would help the teams automate its onboarding and offboarding, but also wanted a solution that streamlines reporting and helps draw insight from their large quantity of data.


After using the platform at a previous company, Ward knew that BetterCloud could immediately help alleviate some of the IT team’s current pain points. 

“I didn’t look at other vendors. I knew BetterCloud was the best solution,” Ward says. “I’ve seen how it can help uncover problem areas, streamline provisioning, and implement automations so IT can focus on strategic initiatives.”

A more seamless onboarding and offboarding experience

After implementing BetterCloud, Ward and his team reevaluated its approach to user lifecycle management (ULM). “The user experience is very important to us,” Ward continues. “When somebody joins Superfly, we want to make sure that their onboarding process is as smooth as possible and that they can be up and running on day one.”

It didn’t take long for Ward and his team to see immediate results. According to Ward, BetterCloud enables the organization to automate the onboarding process for new employees and ensure that they have access to the right devices, applications, data, and groups. Additionally, BetterCloud helps Superfly  seamlessly manage employee offboarding by automatically removing users’ access to applications and securely transferring files to a new owner. Before BetterCloud, Superfly outsourced employee lifecycle management to a third party vendor to manage and incurred a fee for onboarding and offboarding users. “Since I’ve joined and have automated the process with BetterCloud, all the onboarding and offboarding fees have been completely removed from our budget and we have saved thousands of dollars,” explains Ward.

“There are so many steps involved with employee lifecycle management. BetterCloud makes the process seamless and ensures that all steps are taken—saving time while helping secure company content,” explains Ward.

Increased visibility and security of sensitive files

BetterCloud has enabled Ward to implement a file alerting system that notifies his team if and when files are shared externally. Additionally, Ward built a workflow in BetterCloud that automatically reverts files that are made public back to private, which keeps Superfly’s environment secure, no matter the day or time.

“Accidents around sharing files externally or changing permissions to ‘public’ will happen. Through BetterCloud we are able to immediately revert files and get alerts, which helps us streamline and ensure everything remains secure,” explains Ward.

BetterCloud’s policy alerts also give Ward additional visibility into user behavior and help him identify new opportunities to enhance department processes. “I realized team members were using email forwarding instead of using email distribution groups.

“I was able to recommend a better process for the team—and also save the IT team’s time to upkeep and maintain email monitoring, and keep costs low and avoid the need to set up unnecessary email addresses,” explains Ward, “BetterCloud has helped us identify certain problem areas that would have traditionally taken weeks to analyze and would have required a human touch throughout the process.”

A successful transition to a remote work environment

Superfly is a SaaS-forward company that implemented BetterCloud before the pandemic began, which Ward tells us made it fairly easy to transition to a fully remote work environment. Like many organizations, Superfly came to rely even more heavily on video conference calls after the start of the pandemic, and the team decided to change providers while remote. Through the BetterCloud integration center, Ward was able to seamlessly roll out access to the new video conferencing technology to all employees remotely.

As one of the Superfly divisions undergoes a rebranding, Ward is able to use BetterCloud to automatically update employee email signatures and integrate multiple domains into one account. This enables Ward to support and manage all employees, regardless of their division.

Additionally, Ward lauded the efforts of BetterCloud’s support team, especially in the midst of the pandemic. “The BetterCloud support team is fantastic. If I ever have a random question or need help with a project, without hesitation I’ll reach out to the support team because I know they will try their hardest to help me,” he adds. “They will honestly help me with whatever technical issues come up and talk me through best practices and steps I should take to accomplish my goals. They’re incredibly important to me and an excellent resource.”

“Without BetterCloud, we wouldn’t have visibility into files that are shared externally. BetterCloud’s alerting system is fantastic.” 

Jesus Ward, Director of IT at Superfly


Saved thousands of dollars by automating employee lifecycle management
85% time savings for user lifecycle management
Increased visibility into files shared externally

Use Cases

File security
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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