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MiQ Delivers Positive Employee Experience Powered by Automation

MiQ Digital is a programmatic media partner that builds bespoke programmatic advertising solutions designed to help marketers and agencies make the smartest decisions for every campaign. They are experts in data science, analytics, and programmatic trading. The company, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has 15 global offices across four continents, employs more than 1,100 people around the world.


A few years ago, the company repositioned the business and launched a new identity, rebranding from Media iQ to MiQ. The transition marked the first brand change since the company’s founding. 

The rebrand made a significant impact on the IT team’s ever expanding to-do list and solidified the need for automation. IT needed to improve efficiency in order to scale the fast growing global business. Yuva Rajesh, Lead System Engineer, and the IT team began researching a solution to mitigate manual and time consuming work by automating common processes.


Like many IT teams, MiQ’s was no stranger to the tedium of onboarding and offboarding employees. BetterCloud streamlined the process by automating user lifecycle management (ULM) through workflows, providing more accurate permissions to users and enhancing the employee experience. Today, MiQ’s IT team can provision a user in minutes instead of hours—all from one centralized console. 

“Before BetterCloud, we had to go into each application and manually create users. BetterCloud saves us a lot of time and allows us to perform ULM tasks outside of working hours. For example, if an employee needs to be offboarded over the weekend, you can automatically run the workflow.”

Yuva Rajesh, Lead System Engineer, MiQ

BetterCloud’s automated workflows enabled MiQ’s IT team to reclaim time to focus on more strategic initiatives to improve their onboarding process and ensure a positive experience. “Having that free time to not worry about accounts being created or groups and workflows allows us the flexibility to put more effort into other initiatives for when users come on board,” said Dani Gardner, Senior IT Specialist. 

When a new employee joins MiQ, they are not just given a laptop and sent away. Instead, they are set up for success from the moment they join the company. The IT team gives employees the tools required for their role, including access to the applications that they need. MiQ’s IT team is passionate about ensuring that anyone joining the company has the best experience starting from day one.

“BetterCloud integrates so well with our HR system that as soon as HR creates a user account for any new hires that are coming in, it automatically starts the ball rolling. We know that once someone is created and their department is set, they’re going to be put into the right groups. They’re going to follow that workflow that’s been created in BetterCloud. It takes out the need for IT to really get involved. BetterCloud gives IT the freedom to have a more hands off approach, making onboarding and offboarding almost zero touch.”

Dani Gardner, Senior IT Specialist, MiQ

Deeper visibility means tighter security

With BetterCloud, MiQ has access to data that the business would not have through basic reporting from other applications. Having granular insight into potential security concerns, including which applications employees are using or how many files are being shared externally, allows IT to proactively monitor risks. This is especially important as MiQ seeks to gain their ISO certification. 

“BetterCloud provided us with a detailed insight report on information where our workforce is succeeding and where there is room for improvement,” said Gardner. “The report gave us a really good overview of any security concerns that we can now use to put processes in place to reduce risk and make sure that our data is secure. These security procedures should in turn help us gain ISO certification.”

MiQ implemented a Google file sharing policy across all user accounts. “When a user attempts to share a file outside of MiQ, BetterCloud revokes their access and sends an email to the user, with the IT team copied, requesting justification,” Yuva Rajesh explained. The visibility into external file sharing has enabled MiQ to safeguard against the sharing of sensitive company data and increase their security posture.


  • Improved efficiency and reduced time required to provision and deprovision users from hours to minutes
  • Decreased resources needed for common IT tasks
  • Automated processes to enable IT to perform actions outside of working hours 
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity 
  • Created consistent security policies to prevent data exposure

“If you are looking for a platform that is going to help the IT team save time, develop autonomous processes, and create a more secure infrastructure, BetterCloud is definitely going to give an IT department the flexibility to do that. The possibilities are endless. If you want to put the time in to build out workflows, you’re going to get a really good system that’s going to make life easier for your IT team.”

Dani Gardner, Senior IT Specialist, MiQ

Use Cases

Application configuration
File security
Regulatory compliance
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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