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Construction Firm Leverages BetterCloud to Automate M&A Processes

A larger building systems firm closed on the acquisition of a mechanical contractor in a strategic move to increase bottom-line profitability. After closing, IT began the process of merging the two businesses. “We acquired a company that was outsourcing all of their IT. We needed to consolidate everything into our IT department,” explained the director of technology at the acquiring firm.

“To limit the effect on our IT team, we partnered with BetterCloud to understand where efficiencies could be gained by leveraging BetterCloud’s workflows. We built out processes for all of our branches for both onboarding and offboarding employees. In the acquisition, we were onboarding employees that were on a Microsoft Exchange server into our Google Cloud environment. That had been a manual process in the past until we were able to automate with BetterCloud,” he continued.

By automating onboarding and offboarding during the acquisition process and beyond, the acquiring company found great value in efficiency gains and time saved.

BetterCloud definitely made IT more efficient, but most importantly, it saved us time on routine processes. As a publicly traded company, there are a lot of regulatory boxes we had to check off to make sure we were activating and deactivating employees properly. BetterCloud really streamlined everything for us.”

Although the company’s merger is complete, the director of technology said, “There are always potential acquisitions in the pipeline, so the workflows we built could definitely be useful in the future.”

His advice to other IT professionals going through a merger or acquisition is to “make sure that you do your due diligence about what you’re getting into. Understand all of the other company’s software platforms and how their business operations work. The one thing that you don’t want to do is come in and say, ‘Well this is how we’re doing things now’ without even understanding what they’re currently doing. You can always learn from others and they might be doing something a lot more efficient than you are as a business. Not taking that into account would be a mistake.”

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