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BounceX builds “magical offboarding experience” with BetterCloud

Just four years after its launch in 2012, the company won the distinction of being the fastest-growing software company in the United States.


BounceX continued to grow to the point where its growth was becoming a hindrance for IT. Large groups of new hires created exponentially more work for the IT employee charged with onboarding them. Other projects were set aside as IT was forced to stop everything and configure a growing number of SaaS accounts.


  • Leveraged BetterCloud’s automated workflows to replace time-consuming manual processes with automated actions
  • Reduced the average time to onboard a user across different platforms from about 45 minutes to between 5 to 10 minutes
  • Fully automated offboarding—the micro instant an account is disabled in Namely, permissions to other critical systems are automatically withdrawn


  • Reduced the time spent onboarding by between 30% and 78% depending on the role
  • Automated 75% of separations
  • Strengthened the security posture to decrease the risk of insider threats
  • Increased project delivery as automation frees up scarce IT resources

Use Cases

Application configuration
Insider threats
User lifecycle management


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