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Betterment keeps tabs on external files sharing with BetterCloud

Since 2010, Betterment has had one mission: to help people make the most of their money so they can live better lives through personalized, expert advice; automated money management tools; and Tax Smart strategies that help keep taxes low across accounts. Betterment does all of this while complying with the high security the industry requires. This has meant, among other things, putting in place an automated offboarding process to ensure departing employees do not retain access to data and files.


  • Replaced manual onboarding and offboarding processes with BetterCloud’s automated workflows
  • Leveraged BetterCloud to gain insight into which files were being shared externally
  • Set up an alert that removes access to files that are shared externally after a specific number of days
  • Reduced the back and forth that was previously required to communicate about these files, which can number in the hundreds or thousands, with out-of-the-box templates


  • Decreased onboarding time for a group of new hires from up to two days to half an hour at most
  • Minimized risks associated with offboarding
  • Strengthened security posture—BetterCloud picks up where other security tools leave off
  • Increased IT’s effectiveness and ability to focus on more strategic tasks

Use Cases

File security
Incident response
User lifecycle management


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