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BetterCloud vs. Okta

Why choose BetterCloud? BetterCloud is the market leader for SaaS Operations, empowering IT to transform their employee experience, centralize data protection, and maximize operational efficiency. By automating critical work, BetterCloud's thousands of customers enjoy greater employee productivity and more secure IT environments. With BetterCloud you get:

Leverage a single view of your entire IT environment to uncover redundant SaaS apps and Shadow IT usage

Enable anyone in IT to quickly and easily automate user lifecycle management across your entire SaaS portfolio

Scan for sensitive data residing in all your SaaS apps and automatically take intelligent, contextual actions to prevent exposure


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Automated Workflows
Provides a workflow builder that automates IT tasks and processes.
Patented Operational Intelligence
Ingests and analyzes metadata from Google, Slack, Zoom, Office 365, and other apps to reduce workflow complexity and length.
Centralized Visibility and Administration
Offers a grid view of users in your environment so you can audit and make bulk changes in all apps, including Google, Slack, Zoom, and Office 365.
Granular Access Roles
Ability to silo access to the platform to enforce a least privilege access policy.
Audit Log Expiration
Ensure all of your compliance needs are met with non-expiring audit logs capturing every action.
Never90 days 4
Native App Integrations
Includes 70+ out of the box integrations with the most popular SaaS in use today, as well as 1000+ actions that can be taken, either in bulk or automatically.
70+ 34 5
File Security
Easily scans files for sensitive or proprietary data and get alerts for unwanted access and exposure.
Application Discovery
Identifies all sanctioned and unsanctioned SaaS apps in your environment through multiple discovery methods so you know what is being used.

Data accurate as June 21, 2022. See references.

See what reviewers have to say

“Certified Okta Administrator Review”


"The Okta workflows are insanely confusing to digest on the first few passes. Even with the videos. Some things are much easier for me to understand if I were to code from scratch."


Senior Specialist
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

“Great Way to Automate Your IT Lifecycle!”


"BetterCloud makes it easy for anyone to set up a workflow to handle repetitive tasks. We set up an offboarding workflow for Google Workspace that was click-and-drag simple."


User in IT and Services
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

"Bestest BetterCloud"


"BetterCloud solves the problem of manually onboarding and offboarding employees. There are existing workflow templates in Bettercloud that you can customize for your company needs."


Administrator in IT and Services
Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

BetterCloud is the highest rated and most complete SaaS Management Platform on G2

G2 rated BetterCloud a Leader in nine of its Winter 2022 grid reports, including SaaS Operations Management, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Data Security, User Provisioning and Governance (UPG), and Cloud File Security.


Excella excels in IT automation with BetterCloud

Every time a consultant was hired or left the company, Excella’s IT team had to spend 2-3 hours performing over 90 manual steps across 17 SaaS applications. With BetterCloud's no-code workflow engine, Excella's IT team can onboard or offboard a consultant in just 10 seconds. The massive time savings has allowed their IT team to work on higher impact projects that bring greater business value to the organization.


First Round Capital protects PII with BetterCloud

First Round is a venture capital firm whose employees handle sensitive and proprietary information daily. Any data exposure can trigger major compliance issues and a loss of trust. The First Round IT team leverages BetterCloud to scan for and automatically unshare files that contain protected PII and other confidential information.


Thousands of Customers Trust BetterCloud

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