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SaaSOps and the Path Forward for IT

Oh so now you appreciate IT. Let's unpack the new now with memes, remote collaboration, trends, and data

We rushed to remote work and have seen some great memes emerge as companies were led to digital transformation, 
not by their executive team, but by COVID-19. 

Now a month in, let’s take the pulse of IT, discuss results of our latest survey, and talk about some best practices adopted due to the pandemic that organizations will retain when normal operations resume.

The Hard Conversation: Workflow Templates for Offboarding & Furloughs

We need to talk about the thing no one wants to talk about. Offboarding. 

With over 17 million unemployment applications filed over the past several weeks, companies are furloughing and laying off workers at an unprecedented rate. IT needs to ensure this is done completely and securely for every user across every application, with a paper trail to prove it.

Through good and bad—onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between—BetterCloud is the SaaSOps platform that has enabled IT to manage users across every leading SaaS app, automating workflows to ensure efficiency, scalability, and security.

Join us for a deep-dive on workflow automation in BetterCloud, including a look at our new release featuring 
Workflow Templates.

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The School of SaaSOps: A Five-part Crash Course on the SaaSOps Movement

In today’s digital workplace, employees are empowered to stay engaged and productive–thanks to SaaS. IT makes it all possible by employing SaaSOps–a practice referring to how SaaS applications are managed and secured through centralized and automated operations.

The School of SaaSOps is an educational webinar series designed to teach you what you need to know about SaaSOps and give you tips from the companies who are doing it best.

SaaSOps and the Path Forward for IT

Webinar 1:

SaaSOps and the Path Forward for IT

Webinar 1:  SaaSOps and the Path Forward for IT

We cover:

  • The value of the SaaSOps skillset as companies hit digital transformation at warp speed (and will most likely stay there!)

  • How to ensure secure sharing and collaboration across SaaS apps

  • The new now or the new normal? IT on the other side of the pandemic

  • Your insight: We’ll run several polls during the session and open it up for Q&A

We cover:

  • The best practice steps for a comprehensive offboarding workflow

  • How to set up an offboarding workflow in BetterCloud using templates

  • How to create a workflow for furloughed employees

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Deck Screenshot


W E B I N A R   1

W E B I N A R   2

Blair Sammons
Solutions Engineer

Brian Farrell
IT Manager


Blair Sammons
Solutions Engineer

Michael Connery
Director of Solutions Engineering

A New Normal
or a New Now?

Webinar 2:

The Hard Conversation: Workflow Templates for Offboarding & Furloughs

Webinar 2:  The Hard Conversation: Workflow Templates for Offboarding & Furloughs


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