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The IT pro’s SMP playbook

IT leaders are under pressure to achieve the seemingly impossible: slash software spending, increase productivity with limited resources, and become efficiency experts.

But that can feel downright impossible when IT is bogged down with tedious, repetitive SaaS management tasks. Manual activities like onboarding, offboarding, and help desk ticket resolutions steal IT’s time and budget at the expense of strategic projects that grow revenue, careers, and the company.


The solution? A SaaS Management Platform (SMP).

The challenge: getting key decision-makers (like the CFO and CEO) on board with a new automation tool.

Download our SMP playbook to learn how to create a compelling business case, prove operational efficiency and cost savings, and get executive buy-in.

What’s inside:

A comprehensive playbook on how to build a business case and prove operational efficiency and cost savings with a SaaS management platform

Step-by-step guidance on how to quantify the value automation delivers

A business case template to present to your finance team

A sample email to start the conversation on automating SaaS management

Download the playbook

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