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Modernizing the Law Firm IT Tech Stack

IT Teams that support legal organizations and law firms face unique challenges as they manage users rapidly moving to adopt more and more cloud applications. According to the ABA (American Bar Association), only 15% of firms were reporting that they were not using any cloud services1. This is a big shift from even a few years ago. IT teams must support this transition, while also managing hardware and software for teams working in multiple systems for different clients, all of which can contain very sensitive client and firm data.

Join Dylan Hoeffler and Stephen Hester as they discuss the rapidly changing landscape for these specialized IT teams, how they are modernizing their tech stacks, and the digital transformation they are leading for their law firms. They will offer additional insights into:

Support lawyers and non-lawyer users at law firms

How lawyers are using both Consumer and Legal Tech in their work

Document Management & Sensitive Content

The importance of understanding your end user and the unique culture of work at your firm

How Law Firms are moving to supporting more cloud services

What is Legal Ops (or Legal Operations)?


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