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IT Automation Power User:

How BARK Saved Thousands of Hours of IT Work

The burden on IT departments today is daunting. It seems like there are always more tickets, more open tabs… you get the picture. In this webinar, a BetterCloud customer and IT leader, will share valuable insights on how their team tackled mountains of IT tasks and saved thousands of hours of work by automating user lifecycle management tasks such as onboarding and offboarding.


In this on-demand webinar, Elliot Grossman, Director of Information Technology at BARK, and Dennis Clark, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at BetterCloud have conversations about:

  • How they brought on and implemented IT automation within their organization
  • Automation’s impact on scaling IT to tackle evolving business needs
  • Realizing measurable ROI and how to articulate the value of automation to the business

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Elliot Grossman

Director of Information Technology at BARK
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Dennis Clark

Senior Product Marketing Manager