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Death by 1,000 Tabs:

How IT Can Optimize the Offboarding Process in a SaaS Management Platform

Every time you add a new application to your cloud-based environment, your offboarding process gets significantly more complicated.

This essential IT guide explores the management and security pitfalls of SaaS:

  • A breakdown of the painful manual offboarding process for just one user
  • A deep dive into the dark underbelly of “good” IT offboarding documentation
  • A comprehensive and up-to-date example of a perfect offboarding workflow

How can you develop a best-in-class offboarding experience without asking IT to complete 1,000 manual tasks across 1,000 browser tabs?

In this guide, we’ll explore how manually offboarding users introduces unique security and compliance risks—and how IT can mitigate them by automating the process with a SaaS management platform.

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