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Automation All-Stars Awards Logo

At BetterCloud, we aim to celebrate the innovation, hard work, and success of our valued customers. The Automation All-Star Awards are designed to recognize individuals and organizations that have transformed their businesses and unlocked the power of IT automation to make a significant impact. The award categories highlight your use of If/ Else Branching which was part of our Dynamic Workflows launch in September and our commitment to continuously improving the performance and extensibility of automations.

The award categories

Automation All-Stars Awards Workflow Wizard

Workflow Wizardry

Using If/ Else Branching, this individual has built a Workflow meticulously designed to streamline IT processes and elevate productivity.

Automation All-Stars Awards Timelord


This individual harnessed the power of If/ Else Branching to revolutionize their workflows and save valuable time.

Automation All-Stars Awards Trailblazing Titan

Trailblazing Titan

This individual has pushed the boundaries of IT automation, demonstrating its potential in innovative ways. This pioneer has leveraged If/ Else Branching to solve complex challenges and uncover fresh opportunities.

Automation All-Stars Awards Rising Star

Rising Star

This individual has rapidly made their mark in the world of IT automation, demonstrating exceptional skill and potential in the use of If/ Else Branching.


Each individual winner will receive:

Series 9 Apple watch


BetterCloud swag


October 17, 2023: Nominations open. It's your chance to highlight your achievements or nominate a teammate.

January 12, 2024: Nominations close. Be sure to submit your entries before this date.

February 12, 2024: Winners announced! Join us in celebrating the outstanding accomplishments of our Automation All-Stars.

For more information, please see the Official Rules.