Powerful automation and orchestration built for SaaS.

BetterCloud empowers IT to take action and orchestrate complex processes across applications, users, and data while ensuring
accuracy, precision, and compliance.

Action Engine

Take action across SaaS applications from a single hub

BetterCloud centralizes the controls and functions available in disparate administrator consoles into a single point of control. With over 100 actions available, IT can take one-off actions on users, groups, and files.


Build custom sequences that match existing cross-application processes

Workflows enable IT to automate complex sequences across applications with functionality to pause, skip, or take action at a later date based on specified events or automation results. These can be triggered by changes in BetterCloud or your external identity provider. Every workflow creates an audit log and completion report, ensuring accuracy and precision of critical operational processes.

Policy enforcement

Ensure compliance with automated, contextual policies

By combining the functionality of BetterCloud’s Alerts and Workflows, IT can improve security by dynamically enforcing policies. Configure a workflow to take a specific sequence of events every time an alert is triggered or set it to run differently depending on the severity of the policy violation or other factors, such as the user who violated the policy.

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