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G Suite Activity-Based Alerts

BetterCloud’s Activity-based Alerting has expanded to encompass activity in Google. Now you can be alerted or take automated actions on your G Suite instance in response to user events.

This initial release includes two login Alerts to help you hone in on suspicious activity on your domain:

  • Failed User Login
  • Successful User Login

Scoping these Alerts by IP address will give you insight into which logins are coming from approved addresses, and which ones aren’t. In extreme cases, like a successful login to a compromised account, you may need to take action to lock down access, and ensure that one compromised account doesn’t grow into a full breach. By using the Alerts to trigger Workflows, you can not only identify, but also automatically react to this activity.

We have also released three additional Alerts in beta:

  • File Downloaded By User
  • File Viewed By User
  • Suspicious User Login

To opt in to the beta and use these Alerts, you can contact your Customer Success Manager or email

Please note: Activity-based Alerting is only available for customers on the Enterprise Plan. For more information on your subscription or to schedule a training session on Activity-based Alerts, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email


Configuring Alerts