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Introducing BambooHR Native Integration, Scheduled On-Demand Workflows and more!

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, BetterCloud remains at the forefront, continuously improving and providing innovative automation features to meet the evolving needs of modern IT management, driving ROI, maximizing operational efficiency, and achieving business outcomes. Check out our blog for more insights. 

BambooHR Native Integration

Our new integration with BambooHR provides organizations with an additional option for efficiently managing the entire employee lifecycle. From onboarding new hires and managing promotions to handling temporary leaves and offboarding, customers are enabled to initiate, track, and manage HR-related events within a single, unified platform in a timely manner. It also helps to eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the risk of data discrepancies or errors and helps to maximize their efficiency and reduce the need for manual intervention, ultimately saving time and resources. 

This release empowers IT Admins with a range of NEW capabilities, including:

  • Triggering ULM workflows based on BambooHR conditions and triggers:
    1. 8 Triggers: New User Created, Status is inactive, Status is active, User’s department changed, User’s manager changed, User’s title changed, Email changed, Name changed, 
    2. Conditions: User’s department, User’s title, User’s country office, manager
  • Utilizing dynamic fields to pass BambooHR data into other applications during workflow execution
  • Gaining a centralized view of BambooHR employees through the User 360/Profile view, providing IT Admins with a comprehensive overview of their workforce

Experience BambooHR native integration interactive demo video now!

Scheduled On-Demand Workflow 

With the new scheduled on-demand workflows, organizations are provided with the flexibility to initiate workflows at specific times. IT is enabled to schedule the full on/offboarding workflow to run on whatever date makes sense for their organization – whether that is the start date, today’s date, or somewhere in between. By leveraging automation, your IT teams can set and forget, focus on driving innovation and productivity. Experience our new Scheduled On-Demand Workflows demo video now! Or for more details, visit this article in our Help Center.

Complex Array support for extended triggers

More opportunities to automate ULM and day-to-day tasks, getting you closer to zero-touch!  With the added ability to utilize data within complex arrays in extended triggers, you can kick off workflows from even more providers, handling more event formats than before. Target specific data within an extended trigger payload using Advanced Parameters (JSON Path) to further expand your automation possibilities. 

Check out the Working with Arrays in BetterCloud help center article for more information. 

What’s next: more flexible workflows with Branching 

At BetterCloud, we prioritize innovation and strive to provide increased business value to our customers. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the upcoming IF/Else branching feature. This feature empowers IT teams to consolidate workflows and paths, apply conditions based on specific scenarios, and unlock new levels of flexibility. By leveraging this capability, businesses can achieve highly dynamic, efficient workflows that optimize processes and resource utilization. For BetterCloud customers, please contact your Customer Success Manager to gather further information on incorporating branching once it becomes available.