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New Microsoft 365 Functionality and Workflow Enhancements

This month, we are releasing new Workflow Templates, a collection of actions for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and various enhancements to Workflow Conditions.

New Workflow Templates

We’ve released the following Workflow Templates to help teams get started building new automations faster: Furlough Employee, Re-Hire Furloughed Employee, and Offboard Furloughed Employee. These Templates can be found under Workflows > Templates on the left side bar.

New actions and alerts for Microsoft 365

For Microsoft 365, we focused on actions that further enhance your ability to automate user lifecycle management and protect sensitive data. These actions can be found in Action Engine or deployed as part of a workflow.

These new actions allow you to Revoke Calendar Delegation, and also simplify offboarding workflows with actions to Delete All Primary Calendar Events and Copy Primary Calendar Events. These additions will help strengthen automations for Microsoft 365.
Additionally, we have introduced the following new Alerts for file and folder deletion use cases:

  • • OneDrive File Deleted
  • • OneDrive Folder Deleted
  • • SharePoint File Deleted
  • • SharePoint Folder Deleted

Workflow Conditions Enhancements

BetterCloud now offers the ability to better curate your Workflows with a new Condition for Okta. The new User Type condition solves for the use-case of differentiating your workflows based on Employee Type, like Full-Time or Contractor. 
We have also improved the usability of some workflow conditions by allowing you to select from a dropdown, so you can create workflow conditions based on real data. These include enhancements to the following:

  • Google
  • User’s Department
  • User’s Title
  • Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • User’s Department
  • User’s Title
  • Okta
  • User’s Department
  • Namely
  • User’s Title