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New Actions in BetterCloud

We’re thrilled to announce our single largest actions release, with nearly two dozen new or enhanced actions now available! These actions address a wide set of use cases, giving you a greater level of control in both automated Workflows and in individual actions taken in the application.

The new actions range from enabling you to set stronger file policies—for example by adding a Drive file to a Team Drive or unsharing all users from a Dropbox file—to important provisioning and deprovisioning actions, such as adding members to Box and Dropbox groups or transferring a Google user’s primary calendar events.

Please see the full list of new actions included in this release below, broken down by connector:


Delete File Permanently

Remove Member From Group

Invite User to Enterprise

Add Member to Group

Add Attribute to File Metadata


Suspend User

Unshare All Users

Add Member to Group

Remove Member from Group

Delete File Permanently

Restore File From Trash

G Suite

Add File to Team Drive

Delete File Permanently

Add Email Alias

Remove Email Alias

Transfer Primary Calendar Events


Edit User’s Profile (assign a Salesforce profile)

In addition to brand new actions, we have also provided significant enhancements to existing actions:

G Suite

Set Group Settings: The three group settings actions now support updates on a per-setting basis. For example, if you want to make a bulk change to who can post to your groups, you can now do so without having to specify any other settings changes.

Transfer All Drive Files: This enhanced action enables you to transfer all Drive files based on whether the files are private or shared, giving you more flexibility around which files you transfer when deprovisioning your users.

All actions are available both in Action Engine and Workflows. As always, please don’t hesitate to chat with our Support team in the app or submit a ticket to if you have any questions about the new functionality.