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O365 Enhancements (March 2020)

We are excited to announce new enhancements to our solution that make managing and securing your O365 environment even easier. As part of this release, we are introducing:

  • • 4 New actions and enhancements to 5 existing actions
  • • Content Scanning: File Audits and Select Scans

4 New actions and enhancements to 5 existing actions

Now with BetterCloud you have the ability to Create Email Rule to automatically perform specific actions on your employee’s inbox to help them organize emails with categories, delete them or mark them as read. You can now also Update Mailbox Settings and Set User’s Phone Number as we continue to see more Work from Home options popping up today. For offboarding, now you have the ability to Revoke Sign-in Sessions, to make sure the user needs to re-authenticate for new sessions.

We continue to invest in our existing actions, and we have enabled better usability for actions like Add Member to Group and Remove Member from Group. You will also notice that now you have larger space to write the subject for Send Email actions, and so much more.

Content Scanning: File Audits and Select Scans:

On January 31, 2020, we launched File Audits, giving you the ability to scan the files within your SaaS applications for sensitive material, such as files containing personally identifiable information, profanity, or financial information.

With this update, we are expanding our content scanning offering to enable you to scan the files stored in your organization’s O365 environment.

For more information about how to perform a File Audit or Select Scan, please click here.

Click here to see it in the product.