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New Actions for Salesforce Onboarding and Offboarding

We are excited to announce a collection of actions for Salesforce that enhance your ability to automate user lifecycle management, enhance access permissions, and also introduce group management in BetterCloud. Each of these actions can be found in Action Engine or deployed as part of a workflow.

The new actions are:

User Management

  • Create User
  • End User Session
  • Reset Password
  • Set User’s Phone
  • Set User’s Address
  • Set User’s Time Zone
  • Set User’s Language
  • Enable Two Factor Auth
  • Transfer All User’s Accounts to User

Group Management

  • Create Public Group
  • Delete Public Group
  • Add User to Public Group
  • Add Role to Public Group
  • Add Group to Public Group
  • Remove User from Public Group
  • Remove Role from Public Group
  • Remove Group from Public Group

Permission Set Management

  • Create Permission Set
  • Edit Permission Set

These new actions allow you to automate manual steps in the onboarding, mid-lifecycle, and offboarding processes. For onboarding, you can now automate everything from creating a user and their profile information to giving them the proper permissions and group access.