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How to Use Natural Language to Create a Calendar Event in Outlook

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Instead of scrolling through calendar dates to set up meetings or events, you can use natural language to book them in your Outlook Calendar. Just type in something like “next Friday” or “Christmas Eve,” and Outlook will automatically find the right date for you.

In Outlook, create a new Appointment. In the Start time box, instead of picking the date from the calendar tool, you can type in something like, “next Saturday.” Outlook will automatically find the date for next Saturday. 

Or say you’re making holiday plans–you know you have to drive to your in-laws’ house on Christmas eve. In your Outlook calendar, you can just type “Christmas Eve” into the Start time box, and it will schedule the appropriate date for you.

It gets even smarter than that though. Let’s say you do inventory every April, usually the first weekend after the start of the month. Just describe what you’re looking for in the Start time box and let Outlook do the heavy lifting for you. If you type in “Saturday after April 1,” Outlook will calculate the right date for you.

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