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BetterCloud Raises $2.2M, Launches FlashPanel

David Politis

2 minute read

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Today we announced our seed funding and the public beta launch of our new Google Apps management tool, FlashPanel.

After many long hours and lots of blood, sweat and tears, we’re so proud of our team and the work that’s gone into producing the product. We made 500 free beta installations available today and currently have 244 remaining. You can register at

We know how Google Apps can change a business, starting with technology, but ultimately, Google Apps changes the way people work together. The platform adds efficiency, collaboration and much more to an organization.

We started BetterCloud to make Google Apps even better and believe that as Google continues to invest in the platform, it will become the predominant messaging and collaboration system.  We know the market is young and FlashPanel is even younger, but we’ve set out to build THE management tool for Google Apps and with your feedback, we’re confident FlashPanel will become the go-to Google Apps management solution for organizations large and small.

We look forward to working with our beta customers to define FlashPanel’s feature roadmap and prepare the product for full launch this summer.

Thanks for your support and if you have any questions or would like more information on BetterCloud or any of our products, please email me at


David Politis,
CEO and Founder

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