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SaaS Updates Summary: October 7 – October 11

BetterCloud Monitor

October 11, 2019

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Last week was filled with G Suite updates designed to make admins’ lives easier. Check out our recap to learn about all the ways that Google is working to help make your life a breeze.

A New Look for the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android Apps
G Suite Updates | Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides now have a new look and feel on Android devices. While there are no functionality changes, users will notice visual improvements, including a restyled document list, highly-legible typefaces, consistent controls, and updated iconography.

Validate Your MTA-STS Configurations in the Admin console
G Suite Updates | Earlier this year, Google announced that Gmail would be enforcing the MTA-STS security standard in beta. Google is now adding a diagnostics page for all admins to validate their MTA-STS configurations.

Add Comments and Save Filter Views in the Alert Center
G Suite Updates | Google is making some updates to the alert center for G Suite. Admins with alert center privileges can now leave comments on alerts, which makes it easier to collaborate during investigations and keep a record of investigation and resolution actions for an alert. Admins can also use saved filters to help you quickly return to specific views without applying several individual filters each session.

Goal Seek Add-on Now Available for Google Sheets
G Suite Updates | The Goal Seek add-on for Google Sheets can now be downloaded and installed from the G Suite Marketplace.

View Cloud Search Usage Reports in the Admin Console and the Stats API
G Suite Updates | Admins can now view Cloud Search usage information via charts in the Admin console and using the Stats API.

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