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SaaS Updates Summary: April 15 – April 19

BetterCloud Monitor

April 19, 2019

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G Suite updates from last week are here to make your life a little easier. Read all about the new and exciting updates, which include a solution to prevent double-booked rooms, a time-saving scheduling feature, and improved organization in Team Drives.

Easily Customize Theme Colors in Slides
G Suite Updates | You can now edit the theme colors for your presentations in Slides, making it easier to set up a new theme, or apply bulk color changes to existing presentations.

Avoid Double-Booking Rooms in Calendar
G Suite Updates | Rooms will no longer accept two Calendar events that overlap in time.

Improvements to Organizing and Finding Team Drives
G Suite Updates | Google is introducing improvements to how you organize and find files in Team Drives.

Save Time With New Scheduling Features in Calendar
G Suite Updates | Google is updating the creation flow for meetings in Calendar to help you save time with an easier way to schedule.

Work Smarter in Sheets With Several New Features for Objects
G Suite Updates | Google is launching several new features and tools that will help you create more compelling and stylized reports in Sheets.

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