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SaaS Updates for April 26, 2016


April 26, 2016

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Google is kicking the week off strong. Yesterday, the company announced a variety of features to improve your Google Sheets, Android, and Chrome experiences.

Resize the formula bar for easier reading and typing in Google Sheets – Ever need to expand your formula bar to see your whole formula in Google Sheets? Now you are able to easily expand the formula bar. You can drag and drop the bar to be the size best for you.

Coming Soon! Microsoft Exchange Support for Android Gmail App – If you use Microsoft Exchange on the Gmail Android app, you will soon be able to use dual delivery mail flow on calendars. This feature is set to rollout in the next few days.

Google Drive Notifications Are At Your Chrome Front Door – We all know you can receive a lot of notifications in a day. Many of those notifications include requests for access to documents, or new documents that have been shared with you. To make sorting through those notifications easier, Google has announced Google Drive notifications in Google Chrome that you can address immediately from your browser.