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Modern Workplace Innovators

Meet the heroes of everyday technology. We highlight the amazing experiences and real-life use cases of outstanding IT professionals.



For Brandon Williams, Director of Google Operations for the State of Colorado, working in government means that you can make truly meaningful change. In the latest installment of our Modern Workplace Innovators video series, watch the inspiring story of how he used Google Apps to redefine emergency communications, and how he also leveraged shadow IT to empower 30,000 employees.

Meet past innovators

Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy has not only managed the IT and Google Apps suite for a multinational marketing agency, but has also orchestrated multiple migrations to the cloud for the companies they have acquired.

Chris Gamble

From adopting Chromebox for meetings to making IES paperless, Chris Gamble has revolutionized the way his organization works.

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Who are the modern workplace innovators?

We take great care to highlight IT professionals who have used technology to drive real transformation in the workplace.


They rethink business processes. They craft innovative, creative solutions that scale. They excel at teaching everyone how to work better, smarter, faster.


We select people who crave continuous improvement. They’re always asking, “How can I make this _________ better?” (Fill in the blank: technology, workflow, training, process, script… you get the idea.)


They’re educators, problem solvers, and architects.


Our hope is that you can learn from these exceptional administrators’ stories and apply their insights to your organization too.

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