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Growing Our Team

David Politis

March 21, 2013

3 minute read

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BetterCloudSince founding BetterCloud in November 2011, our team has more than doubled and we’re still growing! Before the end of the year, we have plans to double the size of both our development and customer advocate teams in Atlanta and New York City respectively.

What’s Propelling Our Growth?

We’ve built a great product, used by more than 17,000 organizations with 7.5 million users, but there’s still so much to be done. In the next sixth months, we plan to release an entirely new UI, formally introduce a new management console for Google Apps resellers and roll out paid plans for FlashPanel, our flagship product — and much more.

Bolstered by the support of our growing customer base and a recent round of Series A funding, we’re moving full speed ahead with team BetterCloud.

What Makes a Great Team Member?

Our team members are:

  • Hard working
  • Smart
  • Passionate about Google Apps, the cloud & want to help organizations make better use of these technologies
  • Hungry for knowledge (and office snacks)
  • Team players

At BetterCloud, we’re helping to grow the Google Apps ecosystem from the ground up, which allows each employee to make unique, meaningful contributions to the company as a whole. BetterCloud’s team members are also able to work independently and take ownership of their work all while knowing they’re shaping our culture, serving our customers and impacting the market.

Hear from Our Team

That’s all great, but what’s it really like to work at BetterCloud? Hear from our team members:

“Even with nearly 20,000 companies using FlashPanel, we’re still able to communicate closely with each of them and really see the results of this close interaction.” – Taylor, Director of Marketing

“Everything we do, we do for our customers, which is why we take the time to listen closely to their feedback. I really feel like I’m contributing to the team effort everyday and I know my work makes a difference in the lives of our customers.” – Barbara, User Experience Designer

“The team is so close, it’s easy for everyone to stay on the same page. There’s also so much visibility across the company, so even if I’m not working on a particular project, I’m still kept up to speed.” – Andrew, Online Marketing Associate

“At BetterCloud, I rarely do the same thing twice. Rather, I’m building on my skillset and improving with the help of the team.” – Eli, Operations and Community Manager

And a Haiku:

Team, Growth, Goal Driven
Inspiring, Pioneering
Love going to work
– Eliza, Customer Advocate

We’re always looking for good people to join our team so even if we don’t currently have an opening that matches your skill set, send your resume to

Job Openings at BetterCloud

To view all of our job openings, visit the

For more information on interning at BetterCloud, check out BetterCloud’s Diary of a Startup Intern.
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