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Announcing Content Scanning: File Security Your Users Will Love

Kim Solow

March 12, 2020

3 minute read


IDC estimates over 80% of an organization’s data will be unstructured data, such as documents, presentations, and spreadsheets, by 2025. This data is often stored across multiple SaaS providers and can contain confidential information about customers, strategic business plans, corporate intellectual property, and other sensitive or proprietary information.

Users are constantly creating new data, editing it, and sharing it with people inside and outside of the organization. IT has the impossible task of knowing where all of the most sensitive data is stored and securing it. For this reason, 75% of IT professionals believe that the biggest security threats lie in cloud storage, file sharing, and email.

To compound the issue, IT has to do all of this while not hindering employees’ workflows. If the CEO is blocked from sharing a file with an investor, account executives can’t share a proposal with a customer, or the marketing team can’t work with their PR agency, IT will be blamed for the loss of productivity.

Here at BetterCloud, we fundamentally believe that enabling productivity should not be at odds with securing your organization’s most sensitive data. And starting today, they don’t have to be.

We are proud to announce the release of Content Scanning. BetterCloud’s Content Scanning bolsters your data protection strategy and gives IT teams the power to secure files and sensitive information across SaaS applications, without inhibiting employee productivity.

New capabilities

Content Scanning enables IT to discover sensitive content stored in their SaaS environment, stay on top of new sensitive content as users create and share documents, and automate workflows to remediate oversharing of sensitive information without manual intervention by IT. This functionality is layered with BetterCloud’s patented operational context, empowering teams to create policies that pinpoint suspicious activity and align with employees’ unique workflows.

“With BetterCloud, I don’t have to choose between saying no to our employees and putting the organization at risk. There is a third way that offers both security and freedom of choice.” —Emanuele Sparvoli, Head of IT at Intercom

With this release, you can:

Scan your existing files for sensitive data. View all of the files in your domain and identify where sensitive data lives across SaaS providers. BetterCloud has 90+ pre-built data identifiers to find the most common sensitive data types for 25+ different countries, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), words and phrases that violate HIPAA compliance, profanity, and financial information.

Get notified when files with sensitive information are created, uploaded, or shared. BetterCloud alerts notify administrators when a file with sensitive information is shared externally, publicly, or across the domain. Eliminate alert fatigue by customizing notifications with BetterCloud’s operational context to only surface suspicious employee behavior, such as only alerting when files in the HR team folder containing Social Security numbers are shared across the domain, or when files owned by a customer service representative with a credit card number are shared publicly on the internet.

Take action on files with sensitive data that are overshared. With over 550+ administrator actions available across SaaS applications, BetterCloud makes it quick and easy to remediate any issues identified through an audit or alert. Admins can unshare the file, revoke public sharing links, change the owner of the files, and more. With BetterCloud’s On-Demand Workflows, admins can take one step to resolve any security threats and automatically send an email to the owner notifying them of the changes.

Automate remediation on overexposed files. Protect users from oversharing sensitive files without IT intervention. BetterCloud’s workflows can automate a multi-step remediation path, such as unsharing the file, transferring ownership to security, sending a Slack message to the manager, and suspending the user’s account in Dropbox. IT can also give employees the power to control their files by creating a workflow with Wait for Approval. If a user shares a file publicly, BetterCloud can send a notification to the file owner with a request to approve or deny the removal of a public share and external collaborators. If the user approves, BetterCloud will automatically take the actions to secure the file.

Available today

Content Scanning is available for all Pro and Enterprise customers today. To learn more about Content Scanning and how to get started, register for our upcoming webinar here.