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Product Documentation [Legacy – pre 06/15/2023]

As set forth in the BetterCloud Main Subscription Agreement, the below defines
the Service available to you as a BetterCloud customer.

BetterCloud Features Comparison

Platform +



Access to the Integration Center: Ability to access all integrations available in the Integration Center.

User 360: Manage a user’s applications, file access, group memberships, roles, settings, and licenses

For applications only

Role Management: Role-based privileges and time-based roles

Reporting API: Access to BetterCloud’s Graph API, which provides analysis of cross-application data in the platform to identify security trends and report on unique metrics

Automated User Management Workflows: Trigger automated user onboarding, mid-lifecycle, and offboarding workflows based on user profile changes using Action Engine2

Group Management: Control group membership and settings

License Reclamation: Last login alerts to help your reclaim unused or underused application licenses

User Management: Assign users to correct folders, calendars, assets, etc.

File Security: Discover and Control file exposure and permissions across all users and applications with the Files Grid

Automated Remediation: Alerts for file activity and violations your internal policies. Identify and take action on policy violations for users and files.

File Activity Alerts: Alerts for suspicious file activity.

Content Scanning: Scan files for a wide range of content

App Discovery: Discover apps that are granted API access to core SaaS systems and apps that produce login event via sign-on integrations.

Application Usage: Report and evaluate application usage to determine app redundancies and inefficiencies within applications across your SaaS environment.

Apps Permission & Risk: Report on potentially risk 3rd party applications that are connected to your environment and have access to data.

Platform API3 Create additional actions, alerts, and integrations

Testing Environment4: A non-production environment for configuration testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing before implementing changes

Available as Add-OnAvailable as Add-On

Our Services must be used in accordance with Our user guides located in Our Help Center, and other documentation that We make available to You.

For customers with a current subscription to BetterCloud Standard, Standard+, Pro, Pro+, Enterprise, or Enterprise+, please visit this page for information related to the features included in your subscription.

For customers with a current subscription to Manage, please refer to footnote 3.

1Please note that functionality differs by Integration. “Integration” refers to systematic interactions between Non-BetterCloud Applications and the BetterCloud Services.

2Action engine only available in the BCX-BetterCloud platform.

3Platform API only included for Manage+. For customers with a current subscription to Manage, (i) Platform API (formerly, Custom API) is available as an add-on, and (ii) all other Manage+ features are included in your Manage subscription.

4 The Test Environment is a non-production environment that You are permitted to use for configuration testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing before implementing changes to Your production environment. While the usability and performance is generally equivalent to that of BetterCloud’s production environment, Your SLA with Us, if any, does not apply to the Test Environment. Changes in Your Testing Environment cannot be deployed into Your production environment, and You cannot engage in load testing or pen test the Test Environment.