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With Zendesk + BetterCloud, automatically assign tickets to IT as a part of a workflow.

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Dynamically Create Tickets for IT

Save time by building complex sequences to enforce policies within your SaaS applications and create a ticket to continue the security enforcement offline. This is particularly helpful for device management and other offline activities during employee onboarding or offboarding.

Granular Management of Zendesk Environment

View and manage all of your Zendesk users, admins, and groups from a centralized org-wide dashboard. Improve efficiency by taking bulk actions in BetterCloud, such as updating profile attributes, suspending users, or resetting passwords.

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More Control Over Who Has Admin Controls

Role-Based Privileges gives IT the power to control who can manage what within Zendesk. Grant granular management and access rights to specific objects, data types – including tickets – and management tools within BetterCloud. All admin activity can be monitored through BetterCloud’s Audit Logs.

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BetterCloud makes it easier, faster and less costly to build and maintain workflows with native support for more than 70 of the most popular SaaS solutions