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With Namely + BetterCloud, save hours by triggering automated workflows when a user is added or removed from Namely.

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Streamline Onboarding & Offboarding

Kick off SaaS onboarding and offboarding workflows directly from your system of record for HR data. When a user is added or removed from Namely, an automated workflow can change the user’s access to SaaS applications, edit group memberships, transfer documents, delegate email, and update primary and secondary calendars.

More Control Over Who Has Admin Controls

Role-Based Privileges gives IT the power to control who can manage what within Namely. Grant granular management and access rights to specific objects, data types, and management tools within BetterCloud.

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Unlock Value with Multiple Applications

Managing SaaS applications through multiple admin consoles and custom scripts ultimately leads to silos, broken processes, and security threats.

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BetterCloud makes it easier, faster and less costly to build and maintain workflows with native support for more than 70 of the most popular SaaS solutions