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Azure AD

Azure Active Directory + BetterCloud enables you to trigger and condition automated workflows to manage user lifecycle and secure access and data across SaaS apps.

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Advanced Onboarding and Offboarding

Azure AD and BetterCloud work together to fully automate end-to-end user onboarding and offboarding. Azure AD acts as the system of record to perform initial user provisioning and access while BetterCloud listens for changes in the system to trigger advanced workflows within applications to ensure the correct configurations and settings for users.

Mid Lifecycle Management

Manage mid lifecycle user changes by automating the associated IT processes to save time and reduce the risk of misconfiguration errors. BetterCloud continuously monitors for changes to user profiles in Azure AD to automate workflows and execute ongoing changes within applications, saving time and reducing the risk of configuration errors.

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Enhanced Security

Azure AD and BetterCloud provide full-spectrum visibility and auditability across identity and applications. Implement least privilege access with this integration and use BetterCloud to enforce policy to monitor and remediate suspicious activity. Utilize BetterCloud’s content scanning capabilities to protect sensitive company and user data.


70+ integrations provided out-of-the-box

Get control over your apps, data, and users roles to ensure that all your compliance and security standards are being met.