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BetterCloud’s ESG Policy

Through our forward-thinking and innovative approach, BetterCloud has established itself as the market leader in the SaaS Operations and Management industry.  BetterCloud extends our bold, future-oriented vision to our broader community; we commit to do our part for the future of the environment and to ensure our business engenders positive social impact.


We have made Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues an important consideration for our business because it’s the right thing to do and because it helps our company, customers, and communities thrive.  The purpose of this Policy is to formalize our commitment to ESG and to share our approach on the ESG issues we believe offer the greatest opportunities for us to make a difference.

We continue to grow our focus on ESG as part of our mission to serve our customers and to fulfill our responsibility as a leading technology company.  Integrating ESG policies throughout our company practices helps us grow and innovate, as well as attract and retain top talent.  When we prioritize ESG, we align with our customers, employees and partners who share our deep commitment to invest in the future of our communities.

We commit to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and to maintain strong policies in furtherance of workplace diversity.  We share this Policy to hold ourselves accountable to these commitments and to guide our future business initiatives.


BetterCloud is committed to being mindful about its environmental footprint and to take action to improve our environmental posture and energy efficiency.  BetterCloud has started gathering data to measure our greenhouse gas emissions and resources to analyze how we can reduce our environmental impact.  We are also researching ways in which we can offset our current outputs.

While we are just getting started on our environmental journey, BetterCloud is committed to taking climate action to help our communities; a commitment we know is shared by our employees, customers, partners and investors alike.

The vista climate pledge

BetterCloud is proud to announce that it has taken the Vista Climate Pledge, established by Vista Equity Partners for companies in its portfolio to meet its collective climate goals.  By taking the Vista Climate Pledge, BetterCloud has made a commitment to measure, reduce, and offset GHG emissions annually. You can read more about Vista Equity Partners strategic growth investment in BetterCloud here.


Diversity and inclusion

BetterCloud prides itself on recruiting, fostering and mentoring a smart, diverse and ambitious team, dedicated to crafting a modern workplace where our differences are celebrated and where everyone can thrive. You can read more about BetterCloud’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and our company-sponsored Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) here.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement 

BetterCloud is proud to partner with Millie, a social impact platform, to connect and engage our employees around giving back.  BetterCloud empowers employees and ERGs to regularly host donation campaigns that mobilize peers around an event or cause area. When current events drive the need for specific societal engagement, BetterCloud will often match the amount of employee donations to designated nonprofit organizations. At BetterCloud, we believe giving back should also be fun. Giving campaigns offer the opportunity for BetterClouders to engage in exciting and democratized philanthropic giving.

BetterCloud facilitates opportunities for employees to volunteer with nonprofit organizations that are in need of the unique skills BetterClouders possess.  BetterCloud celebrates its employees that give their time and effort to assisting those in need.  We are invested in doing our part to encourage and foster volunteer efforts.

Employee Health and Well-being

The health of our BetterClouders is a continual priority.  It goes without saying, but the mental health and physical well-being of all BetterClouders is what fuels our success. BetterCloud offers competitive physical health benefits to all our full-time employees, including medical, dental and vision coverage.  We also make the mental health of employees a priority; we provide all BetterClouders with access to therapy, dedicated days off for mental well-being, and other resources.


In the fall of 2022, BetterCloud founded its inaugural ESG Committee, made up of BetterClouders dedicated to improving the company’s ESG impact.  The ESG Committee heads all of our ESG initiatives and provides regular updates to our Executive Leadership Team and our Board of Directors on the progress of its initiatives.

Ethics and Compliance

We believe in fostering a positive and safe work environment where all employees can succeed.  BetterCloud upholds our high standards of ethical behavior with our Code of Conduct & Ethical Standards, included in our Employee Handbook, which employees and officers at every level of the organization agree to comply with.  We are committed to conducting business in a fair and open manner within the spirit and letter of the law, with the highest regard for our customers, our community, and our employees.

Our Employee Handbook contains specific non-discrimination, anti-harassment and anti-violence policies.  We are committed to maintaining a professional workplace that promotes equal employment opportunities and is free of discrimination, harassment and other inappropriate behavior.  BetterCloud has a zero-tolerance policy against discriminatory practices of any kind and expects that all workplace relationships to be free of bias, prejudice, retaliation and harassment. We maintain clear policies and procedures for dealing with any behaviors that violate our Code of Conduct and we regularly provide trainings on compliance and ethics issues, including annual sexual harassment trainings.

Responsible Parties and Contact Information

Please contact the BetterCloud ESG Committee at with any requests or inquiries regarding our ESG policies.