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Essence achieves broad visibility across SaaS applications with BetterCloud


SaaS applications like G Suite helped the company to scale, but also created risk. While G Suite’s accessibility made it easy to get work done anywhere, it also meant G Suite was easier to compromise.


  • Flagged sharing violations with BetterCloud alerts
  • Put in place a more robust offboarding process with BetterCloud’s automated workflows
  • Supported broad visibility across multiple domains with multi-instance connectors
  • Ensured proper privileged access management with delegated admin access
  • Created custom integrations to extend the power of BetterCloud across their SaaS environment


  • Enabled security and agility with a zero-trust security framework
  • Boosted productivity with cross-application user orchestration
  • Avoided costly fines for GDPR violations

Use Cases

File security
Least privilege access
Regulatory compliance
User lifecycle management
Visibility & auditability


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