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Online Panel Discussion Recorded on March 18

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What are 300 Okta customers doing that you're not?

Explain Like I'm Five:
GDPR Updates & CCPA

Data privacy expert 
Jodi Daniels explains it all 

Anthony Ancheta

IT Manager, Lime

David Politis

CEO, BetterCloud

The Top IT Habits of
Successful Unicorns

An online panel discussion with IT experts from the front lines of hyper growth

Matt Kauffman

IT Help Desk Manager, Toast

Vicky Couturier 

IT Sytems Director, InVision

Chris Marsh

Research Director,
451 Research


Chief Strategy Officer, BetterCloud

Shreyas Sadalgi

“Office centricity is over.”

- Tobi Lutke | CEO, Shopify

If remote work once seemed like a dream, that dream has quickly materialized. As Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and more companies announce long-term or even permanent WFH plans, all eyes are on IT and security to figure out how to support it.

Managing and securing the SaaS apps that power every business is critical for success in a remote or hybrid work model. 

In this discussion, IT industry analysts, 451 Research, and BetterCloud’s Chief Strategy Officer share insights into how the enterprise can move beyond COVID-19 and build a long-term strategy for enabling and securing the digital workforce.

Digital transformation, workforce productivity, and the long-term impact on IT

The COVID-19 impact

We cover:

Investment in the stack and infrastructure to support prolonged and scaled remote work 

Centralizing and automating IT operations, securing remote work, and enabling a long-term remote work model

From quick fixes to new thinking

SaaSOps and effective management


It's the End of the Office as We Know It:
The Important of SaaS Operations in the Remote-First World