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SaaSOps Automation Report 2022:

The Rise of Zero-Touch IT

Research: Survey of 400+ IT professionals reveals new opportunities for automation, its massive impact, and the emergence of zero-touch IT.

Remote work, the Great Resignation, the explosion of SaaS adoption... it’s all created pressing challenges for IT. By miring teams in tedious, manual tasks, it’s taking a heavy toll on IT operational efficiency.

SaaS operations (SaaSOps) automation is on the rise, but single task automation isn’t enough. Organizations need to automate entire processes, like onboarding new users to include all SaaS app provisioning and endpoint purchasing and delivery. And furthermore, they need to automate processes so that no human involvement is necessary—a process called
zero-touch automation.


To understand where organizations are in their journey toward zero-touch automation, we surveyed 413 IT professionals from organizations that use SaaS for at least 25% of their enterprise apps. Here are a few key findings that stood out.

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A cry for help: Everyone agrees they spend too much time on repetitive, manual tasks that could be automated.

A whopping 92% of IT pros who have yet to automate their SaaS operations feel this way. Additionally, another 80% say that too much manual work prevents IT from working on projects with strategic business value.

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Lost productivity: End users are left to “hurry up and wait”

Because manual work hinders IT, end user productivity takes a hit. On average, end users spend 9.3 hours waiting to get access to a SaaS app, and 7.2 hours for group and calendar access.

The opportunity is ripe to automate help/service desk ticket resolutions.

More than half of respondents say that between 26-50% of the current tickets they get, like password resets, group access, or app access requests, could be resolved via automation. Another third say that more than 50% could be automated, which saves IT time, keeps employees productive, and improves employee experience.

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Automation is critical to IT’s job satisfaction, employee experience, and personal career development—as well as their organization’s future.


of IT pros are considering leaving for new positions that would allow them to learn or advance their IT automation skills.


say the biggest benefit of automation has been improvements in productivity (saved time, greater IT efficiencies, and Day 1 provisioning for new employees).


believe that zero-touch automation will be critical to IT operational efficiency and data security in the next 12 months.

Download the full report to learn:

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The single biggest driver behind automation

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The most urgent challenges automation is solving today

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