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Proactive SaaS protection

Automatically and efficiently preempt threats and keep company data safe with comprehensive, centralized, and granular security capabilities.


Sensitive data discovery

Achieve greater risk visibility across your SaaS portfolio with centralized content scanning that identifies sensitive company data such as:

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Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

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Financial information

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Custom data types based on specific company needs

Automated, scalable threat protection

Easily create & maintain consistent internal security policies with powerful workflows that automatically remediate discovered security vulnerabilities, which help reduce risk without compromising employee productivity.

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BetterCloud strengthened our security posture and made our team more effective.”

Kevin Torres

Director of IT, Betterment

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Compliance made easy

Gain visibility and control over your apps, data, and users to ensure that your security standards are being met.

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Quickly demonstrate internal compliance with detailed, centralized audit logs that never expire.

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Efficiently implement least privilege controls so users have the right access from day one.

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Locate and automatically revoke unwarranted “super admins” when set limits are exceeded.

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