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9 New Workflow Templates

Our goal is to help you safely and securely automate critical workflows in your SaaS environment, enabling you to free up time for more important projects and ensure proper security every time. To help with this, we have released 9 new Workflow Templates to streamline the process of creating workflows and added a section for Recommend Templates to get you up and running with our most popular workflows.

Workflow Templates

We have released the following Workflow Templates: Onboarding Employees, Create New Users, Grant Access, Revoke Super Admin Privileges, Share Files and Folders, Assign Licenses, Assign Permission, Add to Project, and Update User.

These Workflow Templates save valuable time for teams by replacing manual repetitive tasks that take place across multiple administrator consoles into a single automated workflow. You can use these to onboard users as well as to improve mid-cycle user moves for employees who move teams or are promoted internally.

Recommended Workflow Templates

It can be daunting to see a long list of Workflow Templates and not know where to begin. To help you answer this question, we created a Recommended Workflow Template section within the Workflow Templates page (Workflows > Templates). Here, you’ll find the top used Workflows Templates and the most critical ones to get started with based on your connected SaaS applications.

We encourage you to check this section and leverage the Templates to turn on automated workflows for these key use cases.