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Dropbox, Slack and Zendesk Actions in Workflows

New Slack and Dropbox actions have been added to the Workflow Builder, to help you get more functionality out of your integrated connectors in BetterCloud.


  • Unsuspend Member¬†– This action¬†unsuspends a member from a team in Dropbox
  • Set User’s Name¬†–¬†This action¬†sets a user’s name in Dropbox
  • Set Member’s Role¬†– This action¬†sets a team member’s role in Dropbox


  • Delete File¬†– This action deletes a file in Slack
  • Set User’s Status¬†– This action sets or clears a user’s status in Slack


  • Set User’s Details¬†– This action sets a user’s details in Zendesk
  • Unsuspend User¬†– This action unsuspends a user in Zendesk
  • Set User’s Email¬†– This action sets a user’s email in Zendesk
  • Set User’s Role¬†–¬†This action sets a user’s role¬†in Zendesk
  • Set User’s Notes¬†–¬†This action sets a user’s notes¬†in Zendesk
  • Set User’s Name¬†–¬†This action sets a user’s name¬†in Zendesk