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Office 365 Actions and More

Today we are announcing a collection of actions that enhance your ability to automate user lifecycle management and create security policies in BetterCloud. Each of these actions can be found in Action Engine or deployed as part of an automated workflow.


Expanded Office 365 User Lifecycle Management Actions

In the last release, we shared 5 new actions that make it easier to manage users and groups in Office 365. This week we’ve added 5 more actions that will allow you to automate manual steps in the onboarding and offboarding processes. For onboarding, there’s Edit Locale, which allows you to set a user’s location and language settings. When a user is offboarded you can now automatically Set Auto-Reply, Remove All Devices From User, and Create an Email Forwarding Rule, which transfers that user’s emails to their manager once they depart.

Below is a full list of our recently released Office 365 actions:

Remove User from All Groups
Edit User Type
Add Group Owner
Create Group
Delete Group
Remove Group Owner
Edit Group Settings (additional settings added)
Create Email Forwarding Rule
Set Auto-Reply
Remove All Devices from Users
Edit Locale

As of today, some of these new actions will require you to accept new scopes to run them: You will see a banner on the top of your BetterCloud instance that will direct you to the Connectors page to update the scopes. You will then need to click your O365 Connector where it says “Updates needed” to accept them. Once accepted, you will be able to use all of the new actions!




Action: Dropbox Share Folder

We’ve added back a Dropbox action that will allow you to automatically share a Dropbox folder with a user. This action can be used in a variety of workflows, but the most common use case is sharing information with a new employee on day one of their job. For example, you can create an onboarding folder that is disseminated to new employees or share a centralized team folder to make sure users have immediate access to all relevant information.




Action: Salesforce Freeze User

This new action in BetterCloud freezes a user’s Salesforce account and prevents them from logging in. Freeze User can be used to remediate suspicious activity in Salesforce as either a one-off action or as part of an automated policy.




Action: Google Remove All File Collaborators

We have added an exciting enhancement to the Google Remove Collaborator action. There is now an “ALL” checkbox that enables you to remove all collaborators from a file. This action can be used in a workflow to automatically remediate a potential vulnerability such as a file being shared externally or as a one-off action from Action Engine.